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Jun 9, 2006
The USNA Alumni Assocation has forwarded the message below as requested by
USNA Admissions Office for widest distribution.

On February 1, 2008, the United States Naval Academy began online
application for current juniors (current high school class of 2009) to apply
for our Naval Academy Summer Seminar (NASS) Program. If you are not fully
familiar with our NASS Program, it is a six day immersion program that runs
the first three weeks of June in three sessions:
(Sessions I - 5/31 to 6/5, II 6/7 to 6/12, III - 6/14 to 6/19).

Participating in each session will be 740 of the nations top rising seniors!
We want to get the word out to the best and brightest around the United
States to come to NASS and hopefully become a midshipman at USNA! We need
your help reaching these young men and women and encouraging them to
participate in NASS this summer!

Direct your candidates for NASS to our online application at:
I got an error when I applied. I contacted admissions via email but I'm wondering if anyone else got an error also. Thanks.
I applied last night and recieved a confirmation via e-mail. It seemed to work fine for me. Good Luck!
740 for each session?

When I went last year it wasn't that many people...
Interesting. Sounds like I'll be waiting for that email. Or calling them if they don't get back soon enough :)
I applied in my ROTC class Friday. I forgot my social so I had to have Chief look it up for me but otherwise all went well. Best of luck to everyone, fingers crossed we'll hear something possitive soon!
I applied on the 1st, does anyone know when we know if we got in?
Just sent mine in last night. Man, am I anxious, and excited.
My girl from the class of 2010 heard the 2nd week of March. It was actually a wierd mistake from USNA. They forgot to send a blind email, so there were pages of email addresses along with the acceptance - which came by email first, not snail mail. Since we knew several across the country who had applied as early as my girl did - we poured through all the emails and found 4 others we knew who got in at the same time! I recall contacting USNA right away to let them know about their error. They were chagrined - and I suspect this mistake didn't happen again. It was fun on our end however to see that list of 'yes''s.