Aug 10-12, 2007 PPW


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Mar 29, 2007
My wife and I have made arrangements to rent a home two blocks from the main gate for PPW. Could I have made a mistake and placed our mid too close to the academy during the allowed time away? My main concern was to minimize the mids travel time to and from the yard. We've already made arrangements to rent the home for Recognition Week 2008. There are some modern amenities I'm concerned about as well but for now I'll stick to the one issue.
in my opinion absolutely fact you'll be grateful the whole time you don't have to move your car!

Your Plebe once he walks off the Yard with you on his liberty, whether he is one block or 10 miles away, is OFF the Yard. And with you having a home for him to relax in - it really won't matter one bit the location.

Welcome to the Brigade Family by the way!
Recognition Week

When is Recognition Week and what happens?
Recognition Week - which is NOT Plebe Parent's weekend is coming up next week for the class of 2010. Sea Trials are on May 15th, a grueling event running from 0515 to 1730 all day for the Plebes, followed by a BBQ dinner with proud and happy families. On Wednesday is a formal dress parade and several events planned by Batallion, ending with a nice dinner option with your Plebe in the dining hall. The capstone event is the Herndon climb on Thursday May 17th when the monument is scaled and the Class of 2010 is officially "Plebes no more!"