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    When I was filling out my dodmerb application, my mom (who is a nurse) warned me to tread lightly, fearing one of my past medical issues may disqualify me.

    Ten days after I received my first MMR vaccination as an infant, I was treated with IV immune globulin for ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura). For a little over two years, I had to be hospitalized every few months and receive IVs because of an extremely low platelet count. However, shortly after I turned 3, and doctors began talking about a possible splenectomy and/or bone marrow biopsies, I stopped having the symptoms.

    Doctors still don't know what was the cause for my disorder, but they think it may have had something to do with my MMR vaccination. My mom worries that this could be the disqualifying factor, since vaccinations are so important, and I *may* have had an adverse reaction to one. However, when I was twelve, I received my measles and rubella vaccinations separately (as a precaution to avoid causing the disorder to reappear), since the IVIG took away my immunity to those two diseases, and afterward I had no adverse reactions, and I have never had adverse reactions to any other vaccines.

    Anyway, my mom just wanted me to ask about this. :)
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    Have already provided a personal reply:thumb:

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