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    has anyone been able to find out how many charges a particular senator or congressman has per nominating class? We are in PA 12 and I’m assuming there is one available but I’m not basing that on anything but assumption. I also saw an old (2012) chart that showed how many nominations for each SA were submitted by district but I can’t find any more recent data. I know in general PA is competitive, but not sure about district 12 specifically (USAFA and USMA are the two SAs my DS has nominations for).
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    The data you referred to was obtained by the Assoiated Press via a FOIA request. Every summer the academies inform each MOC of their vacancies, but to the best of my knowledge this information is not normally published.
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    MOC can submit 10 NOM's for each opening they have. Since you can only apply for a MOC NOM based on your legal residence, I am not sure how knowing these figures helps anyone now applying. Variations of the OP's question seems to get asked frequently, but really has nothing to do with how/when/why you apply. Even if you get a NOM from your MOC, the SA may eventually charge it somewhere else and once you have an appointment, it won't really matter.

    I doubt a MOC would go through the exercise of the NOM application process if they had -0- NOM's to give.
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    You may ask your MOC office liason - its not a state secret. Last year our MOC staff was pretty open about this on interview day.
    They may or may not choose to share info but I don't see harm in asking.