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Jul 26, 2008
Does anyone know the avgs for the events for the CFT and GPA (4.0 scale perferably) and SAT/ACT scores? (SAT/ACT scores for each section if possible)
TYVM for the help
Yea i was checking that earlier but i wasnt sure how accurate/up-to-date the info was because i thought the sit-up/pushup max was 100 each.
re Max scores

The standards are as stated. This is an "entrance" exam. You will improve during cadet years in the various requirements in the Physical Development program, and continue on during active duty where the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) becomes the test. This three-part test will be introduced to you in your cadet years. The max for push-ups is 71, 78 for sit-ups, and 13:00 for the two-mile run and must be passed at the minimum standard level in order to graduate. These scores are weighted/adjusted according to age and gender. Of course, many reach beyond the max to beat the standards, while, unfortunately, many others struggle to meet the MINIMUM standards.