Aviator vs Non-Aviator Career tracks

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    Lately I've been considering the merits between flying and not flying. It seems to me that Aviators have a very exciting job-albeit a very specialized one. Can someone give me the pros and the cons of becoming an Aviator? Is aviation restricted to the engineering majors at the Academy? Additionally, is visual acuity able to be corrected by PRK surgery? (I would only need it in one eye)


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    Pros - you get to fly. :thumb:
    Cons - you don't get to fly. :thumbdown:

    No, but it may help. Of the 23 flight billets handed out last year, 16 graduates were engineering majors, broken down as follows:

    Civil Engineering - 6
    Mechanical Engineering - 6
    Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering - 2
    Electrical Engineering - 2
    Management - 3
    Operations Research/Computer Analysis - 2
    Marine & Environmental Sciences - 2
    Government - 0

    Eye surgery is not a "cure-all" to fix all vision problems that may DQ you from a pilot slot. The medical standard in effect at the time of your commissioning will determine eligibility. There are many factors to consider, eyesight being only one of them.


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