Awaiting Appointment/Denial


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Mar 27, 2017
Currently a senior. My application was completed back in November and I received two nominations. I'm losing my mind because I'm checking my email and mail everyday and I haven't been notified of appointment or denial. I know the deadline is April 15th, but I'm having a panic attack playing the waiting game. As far as anything with my application and extracurricular, my BGO just said to be patient. But still it's getting pretty scary. Any suggestions/advice? Be honest. I just want to know haha.
Any suggestions/advice?
1. Know that you have zero control - your notification could come as early as tomorrow, or not till 15 April.
2. Know you are not alone - you are in the company of many on the forum and even more not on SAF.
3. Ensure Plan B is secured.
4. Go workout.
5. Make sure a family member or friend can take you to see a doctor if you have a panic attack. Judging by the "haha" at the end of your post, I hope it's not too serious.
6. Good luck!
Starting to send out dues next week to the CPR club tomorrow. First meeting we will discuss mulitiply was to stock portals, MOC's, and emails, all while trying to pretend we haven't gone crazy....yet....
Yes, on the second meeting we discuss how to add resources to USNA admissions and how we can send volunteers to help out. We also encourage USNA to issue a hand-book with detailed Q&A session that we provide an initial draft for..
Just curious, is anyone contacting admissions? I know we aren't because we were told not to. Doing nothing is so difficult!

At this point I don't even think they will reply to any emails about admission counselor won't even reply to an email not concerning my status, plus she was always there when I needed her:(
My #3 has never heard anything back from his admissions guy--all year. He still sends a mail when something needs updating but it seems like tossing words and electrons into the void. I cannot imagine how busy the admissions counselors are at USNA. So many applicants--and it is just one person--it does not seem as if they have a deputy or any sort of technical support or adviser.
It's a surpringly small staff that handles all this stuff. They are working as fast possible. Hang in there. It's only a few more weeks.
@roguemom35 See...that is the trouble--and why you are a 'rogue mom'--I never look--do not know how to access them/passwords/ I have to wait to ask, "Did you check your email today?" Trying not to stress him out--but trying to let him own the process. I think that my anxiety for him is on full display only on this forum!
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Admissions may be short-handed because of the Federal hiring freeze. If they had an open position, it has remained open.

They work long hours there, and I cannot imagine the mounds of data and actions they are tending. At any one point in the year, they are working on the incoming class, gearing up for the year after that with NASS and coordinating with Dant's staff for that, working with NAPS and preps to see how those folks are coming along, talking to recruiting coaches, fielding calls from MOC offices, candidates, appointees, foreign national candidate governments, re-applicants, parents, three-years-out hopefuls, BGOs, area coordinators...and guarding against errors in notifications, updates, record-keeping. I don't think they are ever not busy, just less so at times.

And has someone already noted Academy CPR being oddly relatable to emergency-type CPR?