B&G Officer question


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Feb 14, 2017
My son just got an email from his B&G officer about setting up an interview.

Just out of curiosity, what information does he have about my son? Has he seen his whole application? SAT scores? CFA results?

Thanks in advance.
I am stretching my memory but I think that the Blue & Gold Officer will have whatever information has been submitted with the application thus far via the online portal. I recall that he had a file with him with information about my son, and we did not have to provide anything on the spot during the interview. When my son sat for the interview last fall, all of this was still a work in progress. He had taken the SAT but was going to take it again to raise his scores. He had passed his CFA by that time, but I don't think that the CFA needs to be done by the interview.

You could always try and contact the officer. Ours was friendly and helpful.

Our son prepared a "resume" for this interview, listing his GPA, class rank, SAT/ACT scores to date, sports, clubs, leadership roles, and part-time job info. This was not required. He just did it based on a recommendation we had received from someone else.
We have access to a basic candidate profile, with a status for each item on the application. For example we can see a status for the CFA as "qualified", but don't have access to the actual scores. It is best to approach the BGO interview as if the BGO knows absolutely nothing about the candidate.
Agree. I just did a BGO interview this week. I asked his scores and we talked if he thought he should do a retake. He had a resume and his transcript ready. I didn't ask for them nor did he need to provide but it was easy to use and cover lots of questions with it in front of me. I really don't have access to tons of the details.
+1 -- very little information. Alot of good threads here about what to expect on BGO interview, but keep in mind , all BGO's are different. We have some common training, but everyone has their own approach.