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Jun 9, 2006
We got son and friend back to New London today following their three-week summer leave.

While there were some mixed feelings about leaving family and friends, they seemed ready to take on a new ac year.

The shoulder board ceremony was once again changed back to Monday(semper gumby alert) so the entire corps will participate(as it should be I think). There will also be the regimental change of command.

Good luck to the 3/c's and the rest of the corps of cadets for a great year!

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DS got his schedule today...19 credits! YIKES! Plus crew from 4-6pm. Nobody said it would be easy...
Boss will you go to the Academy to see the shoulder board and change of command ceremonies this year?
No that was yesterday and I was unable to attend. I heard it was very nice and there are a bunch of pics on the New London Day site.