Bad eyes?


Jun 30, 2017
My eye script is:
OD -11.25+4.00+90
OS -16.50+4.00+90
Would this disqualify me from USAFA?
Is there anything I can do?
Here's a quote from the Medical section of Academy Admissions Website:
Farsightedness (hyperopia) no greater than +8.00 diopters and nearsightedness (myopia) no greater than -8.00 diopters spherical equivalent."

While your astigmatism adjustment helps reduce the overall correction it would appear you are outside the requirement. There is a DoDMERB sub forum at this website. You should probably search vision within that forum and post any questions there.

I have no idea as to the extent to which waivers are granted for vision problems. Participants in the DoDMERB forum are likely to have more informed views and may be able to point you in the direction of other resources.
I was told that I could get some information on how big of an issue my eyes are when applying to USAFA. Here is my eye script:
OD -11.25+4.00+90
OS -16.50+4.00+90
Would this disqualify me from USAFA?
Is there anything I can do? (Surgery/Medical Waiver)

Standard advice, if you haven't yet read every page, dropdown and link at, you should do so. Most answers are there. Here in SAF, scan the DODMERB forum for related threads. The Nominations forum and the Stickies at the top are also useful at the start of this long process, as is the Acronyms thread in the Community forum.

Very broadly, you apply and fill out medical portions. Be careful of "have you ever been diagnosed with" - that means by medical authority. Some conditions or occurrences may not meet the standard, and DODMERB will DQ you. Depending on each Service and Service Academy's internal policies (missions differ, so waivers differ), a waiver process may be initiated. Not by you.

As to surgery, be very, very careful and do your research on what is allowed. See the link above. It answers your question on that.

Settle in and read the primary sources. That is your best resource.