You may try out for the Bagpipe Band, they wear Kilts if that is your goal. All Celts are warriors and you may not fit in without many years practice with the pipes. If you know Irish dancing or can learn it you might make it but it takes years. DD was an Irish Dancer with these guys. They work hard and do a great job. Nothing like hearing Scotland The Brave across a parade ground.
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And a lot more strenuous than many think. As is any dancing. Even Irish Dancing.
An earlier thread indicated you were going the ROTC route, perhaps you have changed your mind and now want to attend an SA. I would first focus on what's needed to get an appointment and worry about the clubs/ECA's later.
Get together with other people who have the same interest and put it forward for Club and find a "Coach". You may have to pay your own way. Just remember the dress for many are very expensive. Paid for them for many years. Irish Dance can really help your agility and stamina.
It's going to take some time and effort to catch up with the Chinese and North Koreans..

I could hardly see them for the Camo.