Baltimore Game

The Member Calendar has the mids scheduled for the baseball game on August 8th and 9th but I can't vouch for its accuracy.
Those dates are correct. Port Batt on Wed, and Starboard Batt on Thurs.

Better let Thornton Studios know. As of yesterday (when I asked why their website stated that all final pictures would be posted as of Tuesday) they told me that no one was going to Fort McHenry or the Orioles game on Tuesday or Wednesday. My understanding was as you stated: Half Tuesday, Half Wednesday. Need Summer White pictures and that is the only place they can get them???
Roger that. Just checked the POD and as of now, we are still up for the games on the 8th and 9th. Since the plebes didn't wear whites to DC, you are right in that would be the only other time besides PPW. If I see the Thorton camera guys around tomorrow, I'll try asking them about the game.

However, I did talk with him a week or so ago and he did mention in the conversation that the Academy made some new rules that limited his access and what activites he could take pictures of the Plebes. I doubt that the baseball game would be one of them...

Thanks for the feedback. You should have the up to date info. I can't see them restricting photos of the Baltimore trip. I am still assuming they will have pictures of Plebes at the game and Fort McHenry.
They didn't wear whites?!?!
Did they wear white works???
They wore White Works to DC but should wear Summer Whites to Game and McHenry.