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    Hi. My daughter is a high school junior and starting took at higher education. She is currently involved in band and sports and would like to continue both in college. She thoroughly enjoys band but does not want to study music. We have been researching the USCGA and are excited to learn more about the acadamy and all it has to offer. We have several questions that I hope someone can answer: Can a cadet be involved in a band (Windjammers) as well as a sport (softball) or are they conflicting? Or, is that too much for a student to handle time wise? We are not from a military family and my daughter has never been exposed to that regimented lifestyle. Would that be a problem or is it an easy transition for most first year students? Thanks for the help.
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    She'll have to play a few sports, so Windjammers and softball may be possible, depending on the seasons....which I, of course, don't remember.

    Good thing for her? She'll never have to study music!

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    Windjammers is just a fall sport, and softball is a spring sport, so they don't overlap. You may have a few issues with fall softball trainings, but they try to work around it whenever possible. There are a myriad of opportunities to explore, and oftentimes people find that the things they did in highschool aren't the same ones they pursue here, just because there are a wide variety of new things to pursue here.

    My roommate, the Band Guidon and designated "next-in-line" CO of Windjammers would like me to point out that Windjammers is an excellent way to keep your musical prowress sharp, while not having to devote much extra time.

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