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    I am the assistant section leader for the baritone section in my band, and generally our band gets fairly brutal

    We also have a lot of silly rules which I am forced to enforce.

    One of those is no sitting during rehersals (I guess we have to be really hardcore like that)

    I am a junior, and my section has two seniors. One senior never gives me any problems and is a great contribution to our band

    The other senior always gives me problems and is now encouraging my younger members to do the same.

    Last saturday at a contest he wouldn't stand up when I asked him, I then told him to and he refused even more

    We both got really mad at eachother and he finally got so mad he stood up and went somewhere else

    Later that day I was putting all our uniform items away in a hurry (I was also doing tech theater for a play, and it was already intermission) while he was standing around doing nothing. We have two shoe boxes and everybody put them in one box, so I was transfering them, when he decided it would be hilarious if he kicked them out, I moved one he was kicking and he kicked my face (on accident, but still frustrating). I got rather angry and stood up and punched him, then continued working. (I do relize that this was not the correct action to take)

    This morning he has created a mini-vandette in the baritone section against me (I am assistant but the head section leader was chosen as such because he is a really good player, but he has no dicipline, and also my good friend, so we work well together)

    My question is really for anyone with any leadership experience, how should I handle this specific situation?

    Also how can I be a better leader in the future?

    Thank you,
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