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    Is there a concert band at USAFA? I know that they have a Drum and Bugle Corp but I was not able to find out if they have a concert band for 100%. I've seen some Facebook posts on the USAFA concert band but I wasn't able to tell if it was the Academy with current cadets or with officers already. If they do have a concert band, can someone supply the contact information to the main band director? I would appreciate it as I could not find that information.
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    If they do have a concert band there will be plenty of time after you start to see how it works. I can't see any reason you would need to talk with the band director before then.
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    Yes they have a band, probably more than one. Here is USAFA Band web page. On the right you will find the leadership.
    Here is their contact information from the web page:
    The U.S. Air Force Academy Band (USAFA/BA)
    520 Otis St
    Peterson AFB CO 80914-1620
    phone (719) 556-9916 fax (719) 556-9963

    I see no problem contacting them in advance to gather information.
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    There is a USAF band assigned to usafa.

    I think the website you cited is that band. It is composed of enlisted and NCOs and has no cadet membership

    Basics will get briefed on all clubs, sports, etc during BCT
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    As a former cadet and a saxophone player who was on the fence between a music career and a science career, I can tell you USAFA isn't exactly a musical hot spot, but there are opportunities. There is NOT a cadet concert band, the closest to that is the cadet orchestra, a symphony orchestra group that (when I was there) met for about 1.5 hrs on Sundays and played a few concerts throughout the year. The other musical opportunity I participated in was the Show Choir band (yes, like in Glee). That was a lot of fun because of the creative aspect of it (I wrote or came up with a lot of what I played). Throughout my time there, there were also several attempts to get a jazz band going, but it never really took off. I have some contacts but 34KING18, are you a current cadet? If not, don't worry about it, there are so many other things that will be on your plate first. If so, I may be able to help you get in touch with the right people if some of the contacts are still the same.

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