Basic Pictures


Jan 6, 2015
Hi all!
Does anyone know where, if I can, find pictures of the class of 2020's Basic Training? USAFA's facebook is not updated very often.

Thank you!
If you dont want to pay you can follow KAFA on Facebook. Of course they only post a fraction of what Webguy does.
I highly recommend WebGuy. At least during BCT. It is well worth the money. WebGuy also blogs and hints on what to come int he following days which was very helpful to us worrying wondering parents. They have taken excellent photos and do try to capture every Squadrons (they even broke the photo groups into Squads too).

....gotta have patience hunting for your DS/DS..... Finding Waldo indeed.
I also like to add that after photo hunting through hundreds of the photos, I eventually learn to recognize the cadet faces, especially, the ones in my DS's squadron. So, when my DS talked about so and so, I was glad to put a picture and body to the names. You cannot help but learn to care for all of them cadets realizing they are experiencing exactly what your DS/DD is going through. Much respect indeed. I am truly thankful for today's technology (eg. WebGuy, KAFA and Parents Facebook, etc). I cannot imagine how parents dealt with their worries back in the "old" days when they had only snail mails.
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Webguy is a real eyeball killer.

I am to the point already where I barely even look at the photos of large groups like when marching etc.

Some of the best photos we have have been from KAFA which I access on flickr.

My wife is better at spotting out kid. She will sometimes look through stuff after me and then tell me how many she found. Haha