Basket Ball Throw


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Jun 26, 2013
Today I tested myself physically and hit max or very near to max on every section except for the basketball throw. Does anyone have any tips on how to throw this farther. I am throwing around 58' and need to get this up to atleast 75'. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks
That is a great post, I would also like to add, if you are like me and have small hands, practicing with a smaller ball, like a super light medicine ball or a kids basketball to get the motion down really helped. I couldn't practice the motion very well because I was so focused on not dropping the ball. When I took that out of the equation, I figured it out faster so when I went back to the full size ball my body had the muscle memory, all I had to do was focus on launching the ball without dropping it.
USAFA10s is right on! My DD is 5'3 with average hands for a girl her size. She started tossing an over sized softball and slowly moved up to a ball a little bigger each time in size. Of course she did not max out on the BB throw, but she improved an awful lot. Its all about balance and mechanics.