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Mar 8, 2008
I'm attending NASS II and I want to make sure I am prepared for the basketball throw. Does anyone know the minimum to pass the basketball throw? I could only find the max out online but maybe I completely overlooked it. Also, advice on technique would be very much appreciated. I feel like there was a thread that had some advice about it but I can't find it, sorry. :p

Thanks in advance!
I think the average is around 65' or so, but don't quote me. But regardless, the basketball throw is the least important part of the CFA (it's designed to test your ability to throw a grenade, which you don't do too much of in the Navy). Focus on pushups, run, and situps. If you really want to work on it, practice throwing something small, like a baseball, then moving up to the basketball. And work on your ab work.
Don't recall if it was this site or the CC site, but there was a whole thread going about the various techniques to use to increase your bball throw. Invariably, it led to yet another argument about whether the advice was correct or not, so let's not get into all of that nonsense again.

Do a search here or on the other site to find what was a lot of good information about how to increase the distance of your throw.
ok thanks. yeah i will try to find that thread and sift through the conflicting info to get some idea. I know I can perform well on pushups, situps, and run (probably max out on all or 2), but I thought they were all weighted equally?