Battling Dejection


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Aug 24, 2006
Son apparently is not going to receive a nomination for his dream school - USNA. Others in the area received nomination for USNA 2 weeks ago, and son has heard nothing. We are in a very competitive area. His stats are great, but something must have gone amiss in congressman’s interview. Disappointing to say the least. He did receive a nomination for USMMA which is his #2 choice. USNA had forwarded his package for Foundation consideration in October. The question is... Is son dead in the water for being considered for Naval Foundation or NAPS or are these options still available without a nomination? He would probably go the prep school route and turn down the USMMA if it meant he could realize his dream of USNA. Any comments or thoughts? If foundation is out because of needing a nom, he will undoubtedly jump on USMMA.
Nominations are required for neither NAPS nor the foundation. He is good to go. Get with the foundation and get the paperwork moving. This is very early in that process and he should get his choice of schools, if accepted. I highly recommend this route. It will make the academics of plebe year much easier. You should have received foundation POC info with your package. If not, contact your BGO or pm me.

He will then need to reapply and will require a nomination next year.
Tough call, but I'm looking backwards, not forwards.

If he gets invited to NAPS, and USNA is really his dream, then the discussion is over. That said, he needs to seriously sit down and see if USMMA can open any doors for him that USNA can't. There ARE some, so the question is whether those are doors he's interested in.

Thank you very much for your prompt replies. This is encouraging news.