bball throw?


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Sep 9, 2009
what exactly is the criteria for the bball throw, do i have to be kneeling on one leg? and what size bball?,,,, just want to know so i can practice..........if anyone has a link to a bball throw video it would be appreciated.
I've never been a fan of the basketball throw. It has so little to do with strength and conditioning, and more to do with "LEARNING" the right technique. If you learn HOW to throw the ball, you can easily get close to the max.

If you want to practice throwing, follow this simple instructions. Stand up, LEARN how to hold the basketball so you don't drop it, then throw it JUST LIKE you would a baseball. That's HALF the problem. Your brain and body doesn't know how to throw a basketball. It's not natural. LEARN to throw it like a baseball. TEACH your brain that it's just an oversize BASEBALL.

Now that your brain knows that it's simply a REALLY BIG BASEBALL, move on to the next step. Stand facing straight ahead to where you want to throw the ball. Now instead of turning your who body like a NORMAL baseball throw; keep your feet pointing straight ahead. DON'T move them. DON'T pick them up. Simply turn your body (Torso) and throw the ball just like you did earlier. But don't move your feet. It will get easier after a few times. Don't worry about distance. Worry about your brain teaching your upper half of the body how to COMPENSATE for the FEET/Legs not moving.

OK; got that figured out? Good. Now, KNEEL DOWN. STAY on your knees. Don't move them. Turn your upper body exactly like you did when standing. Thow the ball. Imagine a Baseball CATCHER behind the plate who is on their knees and is throwing the ball back to the pitcher. You CAN'T sit on your feet. You HAVE to stay on your knees. You can't move your knees sideways. You need to keep them facing forward. But by now, your upper body knows how to throw the ball without the use of your legs.

Remember, the hardest part if HOLDING the ball and TEACHING your brain that it's just a really big baseball. Your brain doesn't know how to throw a basketball. No one in their right mind throws a basketball. You PASS a basketball. You usually pass a short distance in front of you. But if you teach your brain that it's just a really big baseball, you'll be fine. best of luck. mike.....
True; but it is something that can be "Learned". And if it's possible to be learned, then it's possible that individuals who have a low enough score doesn't necessarily mean that they lack certain strength or agility. But it's possible that they just haven't learned how to properly throw the ball. My son, being a physics guru, and 4 sport varsity athlete, hit the average basketball throw distances. Once we broke down the rules of throwing the ball with basic physics, he was able to determine HOW was the most efficient way of throwing the ball.

Obviously, the key is to ensure your shoulder can rotate properly. But if you don't know how to throw the ball properly, you only get about half the rotation and distance is greatly affected. In my opinion, it boils down to physically doing some that in unnatural and something that you probably have never done before. But once learned, it's not as hard.
Don't be concerned if your BB throw isn't that great. It's not given as much weight as other exercises since the BB throw isn't on the PFT/AFT. In so saying that, be sure to dominate the push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and run.