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Nov 15, 2015
Today there was a shooting in the parking lot of DS's dorm building. I saw a message on Twitter that there was an all clear but when I called DS to make sure all was well he didn't even know anything had happened. He and friends were out having lunch. I was confused that he had not gotten a text even though the school's twitter said students were notified via the College Alert system. In Florida you are on the alert system just being a student and have to opt-out of the messages. In Alabama apparently there is a site to opt-in to the text or voice message (aka reverse 911) but I can not find a single mention of this site until today AFTER I asked how students go about getting alerts since DS had not gotten anything. (He did let me know after getting back to his room that there was an all clear email).
This was a minimal incident of two non students that got in a fight in the dorm parking lot. When Campus Police showed up to break the fight up one subject pulled out a firearm and non-critically shot the other. It almost makes me feel like what have we gotten used to that this is considered minor.
It did open a dialogue the school needs to have and I feel stupid for not having before when registering. How are students/staff and parents notified of; hazardous weather (he found out hard way one day a month tornado sirens are tested) , active shooter or other shelter in place emergency (email to school emails; only text/call if opted in to the alert system.)
I keep seeing posts on the schools facebook page few knew about the sign up required to be in the know. I assumed coming from a automatically signed up state that it was like that everywhere.
Thankfully this shooter was stopped before he could get off a second, third or more shots and the one person shot is not critically injured. But I challenge all students and parents to ask those questions. Today if you/DD/DS are already in college and as part of the campus visits/admissions calls and follow up for those now choosing schools. Our DD/DS may be the leaders other students look to for how to react in some of these situations so they should know what is going on without having to check their email at the right time.
If it is okay I'd like us to be able to use this thread to post the how to get on Alert List for each school so hopefully we can make sure no one stumbles into a shoot out.

To add your college please copy and paste list add your college then post so can be a complete list as added too:

Auburn University Montgomery - emails automatic once issued AUM email
Must opt in for Text/Voice Call Alerts
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