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You don't go to WP to save money... I don't know why you have written on money issue.
He's not saying this is the only reason; hence him saying "MANY MANY...."

However, you DO save money at WP.

Although it is not what the Academies look for, there are plenty of students who attend these Academies because they are virtually free. This is also one of the thing that attracts the mass students that the Academies do: a tuition free education in return for roughly 5+ years of military service.

Could somebody attend an Academy solely to get their college paid for, and then enter a relatively low action career field on the other side? Absolutely. Again, not what the Academies are looking for, but I can assure you that it happens.

Not why I am trying to attend, but you have to realize that not everyone who goes to the Academy is a die hard potential career military officer. It happens.

I get a liitle incensed at this line of thought-no offense. I believe that many of the cadets could attend Ivies, ND, other big time schools. Get a business degree on scholarship and by year five be making 100K plus at their jobs. Instead, they will be grinding away at school, serving their country at 50% of market value, and hopefully continuing to serve for years to come. Oh, and that risk of death by venture capital is lower than jumping out of helos into a hot LZ.

Not taking shots-I just know my son turned down several scholarships to serve his country. I'm sure some do it for the money-but most do not.
That's your blog? I've been reading that blog for the longest time and have been looking at it everyday since i received my acceptance letter. It has so much valuable information, but I was wondering if you could give me more tips on how to be physically fit for Beast, and if you could tell me more of what to expect at beast barracks. I read somewhere that for the more recent classes, beast focuses more on military training than on physical fitness (i.e. weapons training, etc. rather than jogging and doing push ups all day long). I'm pretty excited about going to West Point, but after reading blogs and essays about beast experiences, I'm feeling pretty scared and anxioux. I want to physically ready for beast so I don't lag behind everyone else.