Bear's den login: anyone else noticing additions to the applicant status page?

Discussion in 'Coast Guard Academy - USCGA' started by jspeight123, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. jspeight123

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    Dec 13, 2015
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    For the past couple days, after logging into Bear's Den login, we've noticed things being added/changed on my DS applicant status page. For example, late last week, there was an additional menu line, below the square color pictures, showing: "My applications," "My Athletic Profile," "My Events, "PW Change." Today, the menu line only says "My Events" and "My Athletic Profile." Additionally, just this morning there is a new section at the top called "Learn about the U.S. CG" with a couple of icon links to CG Compass and CG News.

    My DS DoDMerb application for CGA was initiated two weeks ago so we know that CGA has tapped into his existing application. Yesterday, DoDMerb changed his status to "Qualified!" Yet checklist remains status quo and the Application link (at top) still shows "Application Submitted."

    There are probably no tea leaves to read in this, but I thought it would be worth asking the group: Is anyone else seeing these changes after logging into DS/DD Bear's Den login? And, if so, does anyone know what they are doing on the applicant status page? Thanks in advance.

    BTW: Just wanted to say that I am glad to be waiting along with so many great parents and CGA hopefuls. Overall, what a great group of people! Wishing your DS/DD all the best during these last days of application review. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of forthcoming appointments being posted!
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  2. uscga2020hopeful

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    Feb 4, 2016
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    We're seeing the same thing on ours. It looks great and I'm thinking that it's just updated. As long as We don't see a TWE we're okay with that! It is reassuring to see that it's other portals changing too. It did get our minds going again. :)
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  3. MaggieMae66

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    Yep - we are also seeing the same thing. We noticed it last week and my DS almost had a heart attack when he first saw it, thinking the results were in but no they just changed the website format. We were all excited for a brief moment.
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  4. HillTop

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    Mar 12, 2016
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    Same, except getting an "error" message when we try to click on Application at the top.
  5. Next Generation

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    Jan 5, 2016
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    Our Bear's Den was whacked out for several weeks but is now functional and well-visited. We were grateful to see all those boxes checked, including her Interview Report. We have noticed the recent changes as well, but since my DD's bottom box - Cadet Candidate Evluation Board Review Complete - is still unchecked, I assume these changes are not directly linked to changes in her application status, but rather are just adding variety and a few more graphics to the portal page for our frequent viewing pleasure. It seems that the info isn't really changing - info about her major, photo of her Admissions Officer, info about campus visits - but switching around their placement on the page and adding some photos.

    I agree, jspeight123, it has been wonderful to share this journey with such great kids and supportive parents. My DD would be so fortunate to join and serve with that great family who call themselves Coasties!
  6. mascara_mom

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    Feb 16, 2016
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    My DS saw this change a week and a half ago.
  7. bunnylady

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    Nov 29, 2014
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    Maybe they just revamped the Bears Den page with the new interest from the 2021 class. They all look alike.

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