Becoming a Naval officer in my case?


Aug 16, 2017
Hello, first of all I'd like to say that this is an amazing community and I come here very often to hear about all things related to the Navy. I have been wanting to be in the Navy for a long time now, and I really do feel like this is the branch for me.

First thing to point out is...academically, I haven't been exactly the best. As of matter of fact, I've been incredibly lazy my whole high school career due to a lack of motivation, yet whenever I took tests, i would do just well enough.As a current Senior in highschool, My highschool GPA is a 2.1, and my SAT scores are 1030 first time taking it. I am Planning on retaking it to get a higher score. Nevertheless i have an incredible passion for becoming an officer.

The major I am going for when i go to college is whether in Business or in criminal law. My plans after high school is to enlist in the Navy (ASVAB score 52) and live out my life rather than go to college instantly. My question really is...what would be the best option in terms of going from enlisted to officer in the Navy? I don't think I'll get accepted into the Naval academy as a high school graduate, but I hear enlisted slots never get filled up. I've only been to 2 clubs and never really went to a position in either of em. I never played a sport on my own other than swimming.

My second option is Navy OCS, but once again, I don't know if college is something I'd do currently, and I'm not sure if my major would be good enough to get accepted.
Thank you for desire to serve... "wanting to be in the Navy" covers a broad spectrum of options... What are you passionate about? What is your dream job in the Navy? Once you have a goal, you can start building a plan on how to reach that goal.

If becoming an officer is truly a part of that dream, then I would start looking at college options ASAP and investigate options such as ROTC or OCS as a means of commissioning.
My question really is...what would be the best option in terms of going from enlisted to officer in the Navy?

First, from the sounds of your own evaluation, you are going to have step up your game, join the Navy with a new outlook and attitude and excel in everything you do. The means Honor Grad (or whatever they call it nowadays) at Boot Camp, top grades at A School, then kick butt in the fleet with spotless evals and discipline.. Don't think that getting into any officer accession program is going to be easy simply because "enlisted slots never get filled up..." USNA Admissions isn't going to lower standards to fill up slots, and from what you report -- highly unlikely you would get the Q from Admissions with your current record. It's possible to turn a new leaf, enlist in the Navy, do well and get picked up for NAPS, but even then, I suspect they look back at your high school record to some degree. At a minimum, you will have to get competitive SAT/ACT scores..College Boards are used to evaluate whether you have the aptitude for college level academics.

Good luck.