Best Courses for West Point?


Feb 5, 2017

So just a quick question really. Next year, for my senior year in high school, I am taking AP Stats, AP Calc AB, AP Econ, and AP Lit as a definite.

My question is should I take AP Comp Sci principles or AP Physics 2, and should I take another year of French (AP French it would be) or should I replace that with another STEM class.

You likely won't be taking French at WP and you will be taking plenty of STEM classes (even if you aren't a STEM major), so I'd suggest dropping French for something else.
My vote is for AP Physics 2 and French.

That's what I was planning on doing, but they recommend a comp sci class so that's kinda why I was debating it, and if I dropped french, I could take physics too, but I'll probably just stick with the physics and the french.

Thanks for your help both of you!
My vote is for Physics and Comp Sci, but as a Comp Sci major I may be a bit biased.
IMO: AP Phys 2 def. If you want to minor/major in French, then I think you should take it. I heard Admissions likes to see a language taken until AP, so if anyone can confirm, please do. Taking Comp Sci no matter what is a win-win. You have to take it at WP as a core requirement. It would only help your busy plebe year to learn the basics at least before going there. If you're like me who doesn't have tech smarts, it would help even more. I think you'll get more out of AP Comp Sci than AP Comp Sci Principles from what I heard in terms of Java, programming, etc. but @jagger19 will probably have more expertise in that piece.
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So I may have a bit of a controversial opinion, but I am an '09 graduate from USMA and I currently teach there. Best thing you can do for yourself is take it a bit easy, as in don't overload with difficult AP classes, and really focus on getting some sort of leadership experiences in and focus on getting really physically fit. This will definitely prepare you better than another AP class. Try to be able to max the PT test before you show up.
And if you want something a bit mental to focus on, take a look at Military Terms & Symbols (the book is called ADRP 1-02). This will start getting you into the mindset and into understanding common language we all use. If you want I can send you a link to some resources for those. Good luck in whatever you choose!