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Aug 18, 2008
I realize what I am about to post probably does not have an actual answer, but I am hoping someone has had a similar situation and can let me know how it went for them - or maybe one of the official DODMERB staffers will have input.

I am a 27 year old male who has applied to do Army ROTC while in graduate school. My physical and optical exams both showed up today as complete on the Concorde site. First question: how long should I expect to wait for results? Because I am older, I will need to give an appropriate amount of time to the law enforcement agency I currently work for before school starts September 24. Am I going to make it in time?

Second question: are any of the following conditions likely to disqualify me, or will they require remedials or waivers? Again, time is the issue.

My medical history: (1) I took an anti-depressant for about 10 months in 2003. (2) I was misdiagnosed as being a celiac (allergic to wheat), which was not officially overturned until a year ago (though I have been eating wheat for five years). (3) I have had knee surgery on each knee by a retired military doctor (no hardware, no ACL or cartilage damage, just patella releases) who has deemed me good to go. The last surgery was February 2007. (4) I am currently on a small dose of antiobiotics for very mild acne.

(I have letters from the doctors for conditions (1) - (3), and can go off the antibiotic at any time. I only requested it because I'm young looking and in my current career field getting the occasional pimple was not helping my cause. Is there some place I can send these letters to help my cause?)

I know this is a fairly absurd post, but like many here, this is a dream finally coming close to fruition - and I'd hate to actually get medically qualified only to have it be TOO LATE to start the school year! At 27, I'm running out of time...

Oh, and question 3: if I am medically DQed by DODMERB, will I still get a shot at MEPS/OCS, or is my military dream done?

Thank you for any advice (or at this point, brutal truth).
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Your first question really should be answered by Cadet Command (Army ROTC), because while you focused on the medical, it is really independent from your selection/offer of a scholarship. Regarding your medical, if it was completed on the Concorde site, you should see some type of status change within 2 weeks on the DoDMERB website. If you send me your message below ( with your full name and Last 4 of your SSN, I can give you a better read on your medcial status.

Secondly, to get ahead of the game and know that you will prob receive a letter asking for these, so don't think it's duplicative...we're just working out side the box here. Send me "copies" of your medical records from age 10 to current/your letters with this posting as the cover sheet to 8034 Edgerton Drive, Suite 132, ATTN: Larry Mullen (Per your request), USAFA CO 80840-2200.

Regarding the possibility you do NOT meet medcial accession standards, you will have the opportunity for an independent medical review by the medical waiver authority. He may grant, deny, or request additional test(s), eval(s), and or request additional information PRIOR to rendering his medical waiver decision. Right now, the AROTC is waiving approx 85% of the DoDMERB applicants who do NOT MEET medical accession standards as determined by DoDMERB.

In summary, you need to ask Cadet Command about your first question. If you need additional information than what I've posted here, sened me your full nameand last 4 of your SSN to
Great! By now, one of our staff members has worked directly with you:thumb:
Yes sir, the DoDMERB staff is very good at responding quickly. As the waiting is the hardest part (well, unless I ultimately get medically DQed), the prompt replies are very appreciated!