Best NROTC programs


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Sep 12, 2006
posting for my son - he would like feedback on the best NROTC schools -- he's applying as a backup to USNA. He's interested in Notre Dame (he's a fan), Univ of North Carolina, Citadel, VA Tech....but really has no preference, but wants to explore out of state schools.
The Virginia Military Institute has a great NROTC program. I have put up some information about VMI else where on this site as well, but feel free to ask me any questions you have.
This may seem like an arbitrary consideration, but which school is closest to mom and dad? If there is no strong feeling toward any one, then a key driver can be the cost of flying or driving to and from home.
What major is he interested in? Large or small school? Many factors....VT is A LOT bigger than VMI and has a non-military side. UNC and Notre Dame he'd only have to be in uniform 2 days/week and would be most similar to "regular student". VMI and Citadel would be much more of the military style living.
What are some of the best schools for his intended major?
Unless I'm mistaken this seems to be a zombie thread from 2006 revived by @LeTroyJenga today, if this is the case I'd imagine the OP's DS found their answer and graduated college over 10 years ago. OP hasn't been on SAF since 2007 so I wouldn't expect a reply any time soon.
Well that's embarrassing
It happens! Good that the poster used the search abilities. And even if a zombie thread, the info in it may be relevant for readers.

Hahha @Devil Doc
I enjoyed it. I noticed a lot of Marine officers are graduates of the Auburn (War Eagle) and Texas A&M aTm (gig 'um) NROTC programs.

In fact, the current Commandant of the Marine Corps is a graduate of aTm.
If a smaller Notre Dame on the East Coast sounds interesting, he should look into Villanova. Great school with a pretty big NROTC Unit.