Best Shoes and Boots for The Citadel


Dec 13, 2015
I know this question has been asked before, but it was several years ago. So in hope to receive the most accurate information, I will post it again.
Firstly, what type of leather black shoes are recommended at the Citadel? Should I purchase 2 pairs? One for inspection and one to wear?
Secondly, what type of boots are recommended?
Lastly, when do future knobs receive their packing list? I will be matriculating this fall an am curious on what I need to all bring.
You have to bring your own boots and 2 pair of black smooth toe oxford shoes. The boots must be tan suede compatible with the ACU and cannot have the USMC logo. A military clothing sales store has them if you have access, otherwise they can be found online from various suppliers. Most importantly be sure they are all well broken in prior to matriculation, it will save you the pain and inconvenience of suffering blisters.