Best time/ Any good dates to visit?


Jul 20, 2016
Me and my family are going on college tours during Presidents' Day weekend and I would like to visit VMI and VT. I looked at the website and they didn't have any specific days for touring on that weekend. Would I still be able to tour the college and get a feel for the ROTC experience and, for VT, not just the general college tour? Thanks!
If there is an official college tour--like the sit down at VT, take it.
If there is not, call admissions and ask if you can meet with a counselor (if it is a holiday or the weekend, the answer might very well be, "No") and call and ask the ROO (or whatever ROTC your child is thinking see if there is any training or orientation events available that weekend.
The campuses may be empty on the long weekend. While they are good for the students and parents looking at colleges--they are bad for seeing what the campus and the college/SMC students actually experience. Good luck.
+1 Dr. Mom.

It's a holiday weekend, so I doubt many will be around to tour/talk. I'd sign up for the "Spend the night" option. My DS raved about it and sold him on being a Hokie that night. Just in that short time you get to live the life so to speak. If you or your parents have any specific concerns, feel free to PM me, I don't mind. I'm also a USNA dad and football fan for the Mids/Hokies! It has been an adventure, good luck!
Also, for VMI, keep in mind that breakout has happened so this years 4th class are cadets, not Rats anymore so you won't see what the Rat year is like firsthand. Try to learn all you can to make sure it's a good fit for you. It's extremely difficult, but for the right person can be very rewarding. Good luck with your college search.