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    I will be a junoir in high school next year and I am wondering what I can do to become a better candidate for the Academy!

    My final GPA for my sophomore year was a 3.5 with 3 honor classes and my freshman year was somewhere around a 3.65-3.7 with only 1 honor class. I know this year I have to work my butt off to raise my GPA and hopefully I will follow through. In senoir year I plan to take 2-3 AP classes as well.

    I haven't taken the PSAT or ACT's yet, but I will defenitely take it as soon as possible.

    As for clubs, I joined FBLA in freshman year, but the club seemed very disorganized and boring so I didn't go, but I am thinking about giving it a go again next year because my friend said it got a lot better and more fun. I am also a member of Key Club.

    I currently do one sport, soccer, and I was JV freshman year, but had to take sophomore year off due to injury and now this upcoming school year I'm looking to get on varsity. I am also thinking about doing x-country/track in the spring junoir and senoir year.

    I am also applying for a job at a local/small business.

    Now, from what is given here, what should I look to improve and also what should I try to do more of? Community service, leadership positions?

    Thank you!
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    Start running this summer so that you can be conditioned for cross country, track and soccer. Take a look at the CFA events and try the more unusual events. See how your score compares with other candidates who have posted theirs. Take a look at the summer program and see what you can do to get accepted to it. They will want your psat scores as well as any other tests you may have taken by application time. Apply on the first possible date. Prep for the psat. It is also a predictor of SAT scores. Reach out to your Admissions Liaison to express your interest. If you have summer assignments/reading, use this time to ace that first test/paper. It will get you off to a great start during junior year, which many say is academically the toughest during high school.
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    SAT and ACT scores are very important, but they're only part of the well-rounded cadet candidate.

    Some of my suggestions would be:

    1. Volunteer for city and large organization events (i.e. charity marathons, local humane society). They're fun and you have an array of areas you can volunteer to work in.

    2. Join the Beta Club - need at least a 3.0.--You definitely have the GPA!

    3. Serve on your student council--in any capacity. You don't have to win an office, you can serve on the various committees that need volunteers. Student Council=leadership

    4. Join clubs you ENJOY--and be an ACTIVE member

    5. I see you are on the soccer team. Very nice. Add another team sport and set your sights on serving as team captain or co-captain at some point in time. These postitions are earned not by being the best player, BUT by having a big heart and putting the team before oneself.

    6. Be able to express yourself eloquently on paper. Be brief and concise. Good grammar skills will really pay off in your application essay too.

    These are my suggestions--I hope it helps.