Beyond Duty : Life on the Frontline in Iraq

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    Link below is to a CNN story about Cpt (Ret) Shannon Meehan running for office in Pennsylvania. A VMI-05 grad- Shannon was wounded in Iraq and eventually medically retired- he recently published a book " Beyond Duty : Life on the Frontline in Iraq". I haven't read this book but he recently spoke to Cadets at VMI and my son tells me he is a phenomenally passionate and compelling speaker and the book is likewise. It's not- I understand -a "hooah" chestpounding book, but rather lays out his personal experiences and issues that he has lived and faced dealing with leadership of a platoon in a combat zone, friendly and civilian casualties and dealing with the overall stresses faced by veterans. Cowritten by Col Roger Thompson - professor of English at VMI, it has received very strong reviews- It's worth a look.

    Also- link to NYT opinion section written by Meehan:

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