BGO interview yet?


May 26, 2016
DD have her application done a long time ago, DoDMERB done and CFA, but not a word of interview from BGO, anyone else in same situation?, we r in the West Coast.
I don't think we have enough to go on.
Has your DD already requested an interview from her BGO? By email? By phone? More than once? How long ago?
BGOs are volunteers and sometimes are on vacation or otherwise busy with their jobs, so it can take some time to hear back.
Did DD reach out to her BGO to arrange the interview ? If not, she should do so ASAP. BGO's are expected to have interview finished before application is complete (although I will admit to being the last step from time to time). Not all BGO's are diligent about monitoring progress or initiating the communication, so DD should be proactive.