BGO Interview


May 3, 2017
I had my Blue and Gold Officer interview today. I thought it was valuable experience; I learned a lot of new information that will improve my application. My BGO said that his purpose is to consult and evaluate. I know that they write a report regarding each candidate and their experience. I was curious about what they generally write about. Is it a general report about attitude, preparedness, commitment, etc? Or is it more a summary that includes the specific answers I had for the questions?
They write a recommendation for you, and basically give the academy an overall view of you as a person and if they think you'd be successful at the academy.
BGO's prepare a report, specifically evaluating Interest & Motivation, Leadership Potential, Responsibility, Organization skills, Physical Fitness, and Oral Communications, but may also include any other information that they feel relevant to the application. I often tell my candidates that my objective is to "to fill in the blanks" or tell the rest of the story beyond all of the information you have already submitted. The report also includes an Overall Ranking, with a recommendation whether the BGO feels the candidate would be successful as a Midshipman at USNA, and as a Naval/Marine Corps officer.

There are a lot of threads on here about the BGO interview.. It is important and should be taken seriously, just like any other part of application. However, it should not cause undue angst or stress -- I do not think that a BGO interview would really make or break the application from a well qualified candidate. In my opinion, it might have more impact at the extremes -- highlighting the truly exceptional candidate or even boosting the candidate highly motivated candidate with marginal qualifications with a NAPS recommendation.