Bi-lateral hip pins


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Aug 20, 2008
Great discussions! Our daughter broke her hip 5 years ago (~12 yoa) and was diagnosed with Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE). Surgery consisted of a bi-lateral hip pinning, one to stabilize the broken hip, the other to prevent slippage. No endocrine problems were noted but the pins are still in with no discussion of removal. She's a healthy, active 17 year-old, playing high school varsity volleyball for her 3rd year. She's very interested in the ROTC programs (especially after dropping off big brother at UNC for the NROTC-Marine program). Any obvious problems with a DODMERB qualification. If OK, do we need to start anything earlier to mitigate delays when she starts the application process later this year.
d3Keo - Current or history of the condition is disqualifying. That said, I know where you want to get to. The fact that there is no discussion of removal and she's completely active is in her favor. The disqualification is from a screening purpose because of the significance of the condition/repair. What the ROTC program or Academy surgeons would want is to see a "copy" of the records from date of injury/diagnosis to date when she was provided an unconditional release to full activities without restriction for her Docs. DoDMERB is the conduit for that information.

Therefore, reading between the lines of your request, send me an email at Cut and paste these two postings and provide me her full name and last 4 of her SSN. When she is tapped to get her DoDMERB exam, you will let me know and I'll provide her instructions on what to put on her medical history regarding this specific condition. I will then scan the documents you send me into her record. That way, everything will be ahaed of the power curve. Thx:thumb: