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Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by TheEvanCat, Feb 14, 2015.

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    So I've looked around and there is a bike club and apparently fall intramural mountain biking. As a fan of biking (especially mountain biking) more so than the track I've done in high school, this is all very exciting for me because it doesn't seem like most other schools have one of these.

    If I get my appointment this year and decide to go, of definitely be interested in the biking teams there, which leads me to my question about how the logistics of all that is managed. I won't be able to bring my bike to BCT, obviously, but is it as simple as having my parents send it over afterwards? Are there squadron rules about it? Do I just have to buy a used bike or something in Colorado Springs?

    I know there are bike racks at the dorms, and I think the cycling team has their own room to maintain them and keep them and stuff (unless I'm confusing that with another school.)

    Also, what else are bikes used for? The campus is walkable, and there's no way to bike into town since it's on the highway.

    So what would be my procedure for this?
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    Your parents could probably bring it or send it sometime after Basic, maybe around Parent's Weekend. Get in contact with the team after Basic (they'll probably be recruiting, anyway) and see what they have for facilities. You have to register your bike or they'll impound it, but as far as I know that's just a matter of getting yourself over to Outdoor Rec in Vandy and filling out some paperwork.

    Most people do not use bikes for transport, since as you mention the campus is walkable and bikes aren't allowed on the Tzo. There are good trails and roads, so the main purpose of biking is exercise and enjoying the outdoors. You could theoretically bike into C-springs, but I don't know of anyone who does that. I do know a girl who used to bike to the Airfield for exercise, since she was an IP and needed to get down there anyway.
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    I asked the cycling team some questions on their Facebook page earlier in the year and they said that we could talk about shipping when the time came. If you Facebook message them they will probably answer any questions you have (they were super helpful with me).
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    DS has been on the USAFA Cycling Team since his C4C year. We brought him his road bike at Parent's Weekend and he bought a mountain bike locally. Until we brought him a bike, he rode a team one. We have enjoyed seening him race both road and mountain bike. Great group of cadets that get the pleasure of riding in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The team will be at the club fair during BCT. Check them out.

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