Bilateral stress fracture

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    I just received a 3 year AROTC scholarship :) and have to begin the DODMERB process soon. However I have some concerns. In January 2013 I was diagnosed with a bilateral stress fracture in my back on L4 and two bulging discs. I was placed in a back brace for 6 weeks and the fractures and discs have since healed and my dr cleared me for all physical activity in May 2013. Is this condition disqualifying especially since it's so recent and can I get a waiver for it?

    Also I had childhood asthma but I outgrew it and have not been prescribed an inhaler since I was 12. I don't think this will be as big of an issue with DODMERB as my back will be.

    Any input from anyone who's had a similar injury would be awesome :)

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