Bitter End


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Jun 12, 2006
I dont know if you guys have heard but they are adding a final sea trials type day in April after indoc boards called "bitter end". we've been kept in the dark but apparently it is a 24 hour (friday night to saturday night) period for 2009 to smoke us one more time. carry on is expected to follow. if all goes well all of you 2012's will have one more thing to look forward to next year....
Pardon my ignorance, but what are indoc boards? Also, it goes without saying but... that's a bummer.
its a test on all the Coast Guard knowledge you have to learn throughout the year.
We kind of had a little something like this my 4/c year put on by the class of 2004. I think it also died with them.

The key will be making sure the class ahead of you/behind you also carries on the new "tradition" with their 4/c. Sure, 2004 did it with us, but 2005 failed to follow through a year later. I don't remember if we did anything, but we did make those indoc boards a little scary, sometimes tear inducing.

Have fun, good luck with carry-on, we had it at graduation for 2003.