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    So at my house we are getting excited about launching DS into his "life less ordinary" at USNA on June 30th but there is a big thank you I need to get out there before that happens because without the help of these three individuals, I don't think the story would have unfolded the same.

    B&G Officer #1 -This was our regular assigned B&G officer. This guy is a busy airline pilot and he drove about 50 miles out to BFE (that acronym isn't in the list) to our tiny town on the 4th of July (yes I said the 4th of July) to do my son's interview because my son was leaving the next day for a camp counseling job. Throughout the whole process this man quietly checked on my DS with encouraging communications. What a class act!

    B&G Officer #2- Not even our assigned officer. We met him through the USNA Blue Chip candidate dinner. He knew my DS had multiple appointment offers and had a big decision to make. He and another ex-aviator met with my DS and answered a lot of questions. Again very classy. They didn't put the hard sell on him. In fact they told him that there was not a bad choice. But they told him wonderful stories about their careers and the bonds they had formed with those they had served alongside.

    One final tidbit:
    While talking to one of the B&G officers who was a former Hornet aviator, DS asked him what was the worst and the best part of his time of service. For the worst he gave a very candid and honest answer that I appreciated. He didn't sugar coat it. He said that a cruise he was on got extended during one of the desert wars and he missed the birth of his son.
    For the best thing he said it happened many times. He said several times he was sitting in his jet on a crystal clear morning at sea and as he got the exhilaration of launching off the carrier, he would think to himself. I'm getting paid to do this!

    Before these interactions my Ds was leaning toward another academy. But after interacting with these 3 USNA guys DS said "I want to be a part of that" . He will look good in white.
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    Welcome aboard!
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