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    Feb 12, 2015
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    When are the first results going to come out? Also, do I even have a chance at University of Michigan NROTC?
    ACT: 27
    Math: 33
    English: 25
    Science: 25
    Reading: 23
    10+ AP Classes
    GPA on a the universal 4.0 Scale is 3.92 and I am top 10% of Class
    Varsity Cross Country and Track 3 years
    Captain of Varsity Senior year
    Good Teacher/Coach/Counselor recommendations
    Awarded AP Scholar and Scholar Athlete
    Vice President of Computer Coding Club
    Am I a low quality applicant? My fitness scores were near perfect. I already applied but Im anxiously waiting.
    My application got to final location mid-september and I want to major in Computer Engineering.
    Also, the community I want to go into is special warfare if any of this changes anything.

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