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Dec 18, 2008
How do I find out if I made it to the next board or not?
Have you been through any of the previous boards to date? If so, you will automatically be rolled over for consideration to the next boards until you are awarded a scholarship, or they finish the boards without an award (barring some mitigating circumstance such as a medical problem noted by DoDMERB). If you haven't been before a board yet, and your file is complete, you should have gotten some kind of communication from your POC at Cadet Command saying that your file is complete and ready for the board. You can always call your POC and ask directly if you are good to go.
I did get a 4 year scholarship to Marquette. Is that a board? I guess I don't know what a board actually is.
The following answer is based on your applying for an Army ROTC Scholarship. You don't state in the beginning of this thread which service it is for. All the services have a slightly different set of requirements and the way they issue their scholarships. Did Marquette give you a scholarship from their school directly, or was that issued from Cadet Command? What is normally the procedure when you are awarded a scholarship from Cadet Command is they will send you the scholarship offer in the mail (you can also check the status online) and they will list one to five colleges you can select to accept a scholarship to. This does not guarantee that you will be accepted to the college you select, that is a separate process. A "Board" is a set of officers who meet at Cadet Command to review all the currently complete packets, usually once a month. Points are awarded to each packet based on all your qualifications and they are placed in an Order of Merit List (OML) from highest to lowest point totals. Then the board starts awarding scholarships from the top and keep going until the scholarship allotment for that board is filled. Remaining packets that haven't been awarded a scholarship are "rolled over" to the next board for consideration. Your packet may move up or down the OML depending on the relative competition on the next board. Hope that helps. I believe some of the differences in the other services is that the Air Force awards scholarships to one specific college and based on your major. The Navy awards them based on your major, but allows you to use it at any college you choose that has that major. Their boards meet less frequently than the Army's.
Was there a January NROTC board? Everything was turned in in early December. Status still says no decision has been made.
My son received Navy ROTC 4yr - to a specific school. In reading on of these posts I had gathered that the air force was just the scholarship - not to a school (unit). I am not an authority can only say that my son's letter and offer state a school.