Body Fat--Football Player?


Nov 30, 2016
Hey there,
So I was recently given my offer of appointment! However, I need to do the body fat form. I am 6'3" and was 251 when I applied, but since football season has ended I've already dropped to 239. I checked DoDMERB and they said the maximum weight for someone my height should be 211 lbs. I don't think this is impossible, but I was wondering how to go about this. I do not see how I could realistically lose 20+ pounds in 2 weeks. Thank you!
If you do not meet the height / weight requirements on the chart your % body fat will be measured by the "tape test". I would assume that is what the form is asking for. If you pass the tape test you are good to go. Do a google search and you will find many links. It is very easy to do.
Here is a link to a thread with additional information