Body weight standards on I-Day


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Nov 24, 2016
With exactly a week away from I-day I wanted some reassurance on the body weight standards. I am currently sitting at 189-190lbs and I am 5'9". The standard for the USNA as I understand is 186lbs for a 5'9 male. I have been working out regularly in preparation for PS however, I just cannot seem to drop those last few pounds though I have been running and swimming. I will continue to try and lose the weight of course, but I wanted to know if they did a body fat determination like they did when I was receiving my appointment? Thank you all in advance!
My plebe2bs application was literally 2 years ago. He then went to Foundation school. His body fat had to be measured this year before he received his appointment and it was fine. Heading into I Day his weight is still above what it should be. He is hardly eating and is running a lot etc. He is about 14 pounds over but his body fat is actually less now than when he had to submit before his appointment. He's very athletic. Should he be concerned?
At this point there is nothing one can do about this. Dehydrating themself is about the worst thing they can do heading into I Day. They need to be eating and drinking. I don't even remember if we were weighed and taped on I Day. Maybe a current Mid can remember that. I don't remember anyone being sent home for weight on I Day, but I could be wrong.

For those who are over limits or will be pushing tape measurements... I know we hear a lot of things like I am a football player and I am really strong. Not saying anyone on this thread has said this, but battling weight issues as a Mid or Officer is not fun. If you are pushing the limits it only gets harder as you get older. USNA has done a better job of healthy options. If this looks like it might be an issue go see the nutritionist at USNA immediately. They can help you navigate food options and stay away from developing 'college food habits' of pizza, snacks, caffeine, etc. I have seen Mids battle this and it makes life so much harder than it needs to be at USNA.

Most will lose weight Plebe Summer. Some of the skinny guys might gain weight. But be cognizant of coming out of Plebe Summer you won't be burning Plebe Summer level of calories in the academic year (most won't... some athletes or those training for screeners might).
I'm actually on the other side of this! I was a football player who wasn't recruited and had an ACL surgery (with a waiver thankfully;)) and was originally at about 23-24% body fat (acceptable is 25%). Once I was cleared to run I have managed to diet and exercise my way down to 20%. Gotta admit's tough being in an Italian family and not eating pasta!!

Also @NavyHoops , do people who are right over or at the 25% mark ever get sent home? And what happens with recruited football players like O-line and D-line guys?
I have never see someone get sent home for weight on I Day but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. They get a waiver. They will do all the stuff you do Plebe Summer. But moving 250+ pounds on a 3 mile run is no joke. Eventually they get waived to ride the bike until 1/C year.