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    I do yet have my boots or low quarters. I have been trying to find a place to buy them but have visited numerous stores that said they have them when I call, but later turn out not to have them. Regardless, there are no excuses.

    My question is really how accurate boot sizes run in comparison to the measurements taken by the "foot scale" everyone sees around the shoe department. After reading through some of the threads, I've noticed that it can be 1-2 sizes smaller than a pair of running shoes. For the candidates reporting on R-Day, how far off was your boot size from your running shoe size? And does anyone have any experience with the boot size in comparison to the traditional "foot scale" ?

    What about the difference in low quarters?

    Has anyone bought their boots/low quarters online? If so, do you recall where you got them from?

    Thank for your help.
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    Online Ordering

    We had to order boots and low quarters since every AAFES store within 4 hours didn't have what we needed for boots. I finally called our local recruiter, and he recommended ordering online.

    Low Quarters were purchased through He normally wears an 11, which we ordered. Once we received them, they were too large. We returned them for size 9.5 which fit perfectly.

    The boots were ordered through These he ordered in a size 10 and they fit well. We have also ordered compression shorts and sock liners through this company and been very pleased with the prompt shipping and service.

    I would suggest paying for the quickest shipping possible so that if they do not fit properly, then you have time to reorder and return.
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    Just call AAFES as listed on the boot letter, they have them, it's cheaper, they ship fed-ex, and if you need to exchange them they'll send new ones and include a return label. Could not ask for nicer & more professional people on the phone!

    Likewise, you can call the cadet store if AAFES does not have what you are looking for. Super helpful.

    There is no reason or advantage to order elsewhere. (Paying more to buy local may make sense if they have your size in stock)

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