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Jan 20, 2008
Does anyone on here have any good tips on breaking in your boots? At VT orientation we were issued ours and they really emphasized the importance of having them broken in before we arrive.

So far Ive just been walking around the house in them. Is there really anything else you can do?
Some people say to wear them wet and let them dry but I've never tried that at if they are the new rough-side-out they probably say not to do that. I would say just to wear them as often and as long (like to work for 4-5 hours) as you can without any pain. You may also try doing a short run (probably not more than a 1/2-1 mile starting out) to break them in and to get used to them. From my breaking in boots experience, just have to keep wearing them.

Word of advice though, you're lowquarters (uniform dress shoes) will probably be harder to break in and you definatly should do that early if you can.