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    Do you suppose the Army letting women into combat MOSs will make the infantry branch more competitive?
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    A simple answer is yes as the even if only one female cadet wants to branch Infantry, the competition level increased. The Army end strength is fixed, the Infantry branch number is fixed, the 2LT requirement is fixed, so I doubt West Point will get extra allocation to branch female cadets into Infantry. What happened when there were female students at Ranger school? The class size didn't increased (as far as I know), so less male soldiers were in the class.

    The unknown is how will the branching process will work now - my understanding of the current branch process is a combination of cadet record, cadet preference, and a board review. So how it is going to work when a female cadet that is say 5' 7", 130 lbs, highly ranked academically and militarily , average APFT/IOCT scores on female scale goes up against a male cadet that is 6' 2", 200 lbs, ranked average academically and militarily, high AFPT/IOCT scores? Of course this is made up example, but like it or not when West Point changed the branching process from strictly based on class rank to something different, either they made the right decision or created a problem.
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