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    First, I owe a huge thank you to members of the Long Gray Line and others here who helped me get into USMA.

    Second, I've got advice for the Class of 2020 Candidates. Keep pushing forward. Beast will really tear you apart emotionally more than anything if you're like me. It's so much easier when you can call Mom and Dad every evening if that's what you want. Remember to have fun during Beast. Be respectful of your leadership's wishes, but don't be afraid to share some laughter with your squad.

    Lastly, I have a few questions about branching. I know that we have people here at USMA who can answer, but there's an overwhelming attitude that almost requires a "super hooah" cadet who wants to branch infantry. Personally, I think my talents would be more useful to the Army in a support position, and I was thinking about Finance. I've heard that it's a relatively competitive branch. To what extent is this true? Why is that the case? Can someone tell me about the general daily activities of a Finance officer? How do they differ while on a deployment?

    Thank you for your time. Feel free to PM me or respond here for others to read.

    Very Respectfully,

    Class of 2019
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    AHO congrats on making it through Beast. Hope you are settling into Cadet life. Don't let the hooyah thing and combat arms scare you. Take a look at Branch night and you will see all kinds of personalities go infantry. It's good you are exploring options. Can't speak to Army finance life as I was a Marine. See if you have upperclass or officers on the yard going that route or who are that branch. Ask, officers love to talk about their branches/MOSs.

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