Breast Insignia / Graduation Uniform Questions


Mar 16, 2017
Some general USMMA questions for current Midshipmen or past graduates...

I have been looking at pictures available on the USMMA web site and I have a question about breast insignia being worn. In one picture I see three midshipmen, one with what looks like a U.S. Naval Merchant Marine Reserve insignia. The midshipman next to him is wearing nothing and then another young man is wearing a US Marine Corp insignia. I am just curious about the differences.

Watching one of the graduation videos I see the majority of the class is wearing white uniforms, but I notice what looks like some Army and Air Force uniforms also. I am guessing that at graduation those who chose Active Duty Service in one of those branches wears the uniform of that branch. Do they all take the same oath of commission or is a separate oath given for each branch?

Thank you.
The breast insignia worn by USMMA students is that of the historical USNR/MMR, but is now a modified version with the "USNR" on the banner ribbon of the insignia replaced by about 4 stars. Thus, it is a school insignia uniform device. I am sort of at a loss why the academy still has the students wear it, especially it is at cost to the government since they provide uniforms.

Some in the graduating class take their commissioning oath the morning of graduation and thus wear the uniform of the service they will serve in after graduation during the ceremony.

Those going into the Navy should not be wearing the modified USNR/MMR insignia as the program was discontinued and now called something like the Strategic Sealift Officer Program. Students who go into this usually sail commercially, but then have to earn the new Strategic Sealift Officer Warfare Insignia in the naval reserve.
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!!! Pet Peeve Alert !!! - Its Navy Reserve ... not Naval Reserve.

Why still wear it ... Tradition and it looks better than the new SSO device. If you're looking to save uncle sam money wrt KP, start with the book store. The pin is about $10 over the course of 4 years.