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    Hello all-
    I have been awarded an AFROTC 4 year, Type 7 scholarship. I have received a DODMERB remedial requesting all information regarding a shoulder labral repair I had in Feb '08.
    I have obviously disclosed the injury and surgery to DODMERB, however, because there was no place to list complications, I did not. During the surgery, the tip of one of the tools was broken off and fell deep into my soft tissue. The doctor could not find it, and as such sewed me back up with it still in the shoulder... This is mentioned on three occasions in my shoulder paperwork.
    Taking it out would require full open surgery (as opposed to arthroscopic) and would be a very long recovery.
    The piece does not really cause me problems (every now and then I get a sharp twinge of pain in the shoulder but have no idea if it is the piece or just recovery pain). Doc said she had this happen one other time about 10 yrs ago and the patient is fine.
    Will I get DQ'd for this? If I do, is it grounds for a law suit against the doc for the lost scholarship?
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    I am just bumping this thread for the chance of this getting answered. But I am curious what has the DODMERB said?

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