Bubble Wrap???!!!

Mindy G

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Jun 30, 2008
I have heard people say now that you are in use bubble wrap. What happens if someone is injured before I-day? My thoughts go from the minor - ankle roll during a run to the major that I don't even want to entertain. I guess there is always something to worry about but I do not plan to give this much energy - just wondering.
Anything from "nothing" to "appointment withdrawn" is possible depending on the injury or illness.
At I-day for the class of 2011 at USAFA three or four people showed up with recent injuries, mostly sports-related, and were turned back. They could come back the following year and become members of the class of 2012 instead.
First a little background....As you can likely tell from my username I'm a KP grad, as a midshipmen I worked 3 indocs as an EMT and also came back three years after graduation to work with the medical dept. So I've had some experience from the medical side at KP and have worked "the medical desk" on reporting day.

During my time working the desk we had a recruited athlete report to Indoc after having surgery within a month or two who was denied entry and told to come back next year. I have heard of many similar stories for lesser injuries from the other Academies.

If you have an injury that is serious enough to require medical care, especially surgery, it would behoove the person to report it to DODMERB as required and deal with the waivers. If it is something that is minor then you can likely not worry about it.

I would recommend no skiing/snowboarding, motorcycle riding, or other similar notorious activities. If you play a sport continue to do so and don't worry about getting injured. And if you follow Jamzmom advice: go buy a bunch of bubble wrap :biggrin:
:eek:?!?!?! But But But... I'm going snowboarding this Saturday. :frown: