Bugle Notes


May 17, 2015
Is there a full version of Bugle Notes available for download? I was instructed by my PMS to pick up a copy. I’m not sure if what I’ve found online contains all the information I need. I would also rather like to avoid dropping $100+ on an old hard copy.

Thanks in advance.
You could find most of it on line as it has the required knowledge you have to learn.

The best advice I could give you is to not sweat this. You spent a year in ROTC so you know the difference between the commandant and the CSM. There is no reason to try and learn plebe knowledge ahead of time. It may actually have the opposite affect once you show up,

Worry about maintaining your level of fitness, breaking in your boots and low quarters and spending time with family and friends. There will be plenty time to memorize plebe knowledge this July.